Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Oil Cleanser

Here is my oil cleanser review.
Luckily all 3 of the reviewed products are absolutely amazing and are at three different price points.
I like oil cleansers because I don't have time to remove my eye make up separately from my normal cleansing routine.  I would rather spend that time slathering on more face cream.

Here are my criteria for an oil cleanser (I have dry combination skin)
    -must, must, must, remove my Nars Larger Than Life long wear eyeliner
    -must remove my Benefit They're Real mascara or my Eyeko mascara
    -must remove all of my long wear Dior or Era spray on foundation
    -doesn't leave my skin tight and dry
    -doesn't leave residue
    -doesn't leave my skin oily
    -doesn't make me break out

I'll start with the best of the lot because I hate anticipation.

$50 or more

The SK-II facial treatment cleansing oil ($90) is the holy grail of cleansers for me.  This stuff is amazing and lasts about 6-7 months.
  It truly melts away all of my make up with1- 2 pumps and has the added anti aging benefits of my beloved Pitera.  No residue no breakouts, amazing skin, no messing around.
Finally available to order in Canada through Nordstroms and Saks Fifth Avenue
Saks also has an SK-II gift with purchase right now!

The worst I tried was the Shu Uemura Ultimate 8 cleanser $98/15.2oz and Shu Uemura Anti Oxidant $92/15.2oz Cleansing Oils.
***no pictures***
I really wanted to love this because of all of the amazing reviews and this was the first oil cleanser I have ever tried.  I used the Ulitmate 8 on 2 separate occasions for a whole month each time but I found that it made me break out every time.   I even tried The Anti Oxidant one in Miami's humid climate versus our dry air here in Alberta and it broke me out for my short stay in Miami as well as when I used it for the remainder of the month back home.  The cleansers seemed to clean off all of my eye make up and everything but it seemed that there would be remaining oily residue that caused me to break out.

Less than $50

So while looking at other available and cost effective options after I used up all of my SK-II cleanser I discovered the Dior Instant Gentle Cleansing Oil.   That's right, Dior is a cost effective option!  For all you oily skin ladies fearful of oil  technically though this isn't really an oil but it feels like one. This stuff met all of the above criteria and it smells so good!  The scent is very light and soft.  This is $48.00 for 6.7oz but I have to use about 2-3 pumps to get all of my make up off so the bottle roughly lasts 3-4 months for me.

Last but not least in the less than $50 category I got the DHC deep cleansing oil.  Of all of the cleansers I tried this one felt the most oily but got all of my make up off.  I found it at TnT supermarket on sale for $29 so I bought two bottles it's normally $35.  I definitely have to recommend that you use a good toner with this as I found that it left residue.

*disclaimer/instructions for using cleansing oils.  Always use on dry skin and gently massage into skin.  Proceed to rinse with water to produce a white like foam and it washes away like a dream.

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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Cheapie's from Target

Hi Y'all!
So I'm pretty broke because I have just been on 4 vacations in 5 months.  My problem here is that I love to shop but had no money left in LA to really do any sort of designer shopping while the girls were in Disneyland for the 60th anniversary (1st world problems).

That didn't stop me from picking up some amazing deals on everyday products that I will use.

The original Wet Brush is awesome for my girls thin tangly hair!  At home here in YEG it's around $20 and I found this boar bristle version which is good for adding shine at Target for $12.99!

Target also has free wi-fi so I was able to search out reviews for this Sonia Kashuk buffing brush.  I have been on the hunt for a really good one for my liquid foundation but I didn't want to pay $40 for one at Sephora.  This one is really tightly built brush that is also lightweight, doesn't shed and only cost $12.99.  Elf has a similar one that ships to Canada here.

I'm always looking for cheapie dupes for these amazing YSL lip stains and this elf version was only 2 DOLLARS!!!!  

And duty free at the airport I finally found this mini gift set for the Aqua Allegoria perfumes by Guerlain that I have been searching for obsessively for only $40.  It's perfect from me as I have never gone through a whole bottle of perfume.  It such a nice set of fruity fresh scents that become a nice musky scent into the evening.

This silicone baking mat is also from Target for only $9.99

All 3 of the above items pictured were less than $30!

The girls were pretty stoked that we took them to Disneyland for the last day of school.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Dirty Gross Feathers & Children

Hi Y'all!
So my kids love picking up feathers EVERYWHERE despite me telling them that they are gross and full of germs.  Don't get me wrong, feathers are nice and all but my children like to rub their eyes and put their fingers in their mouths immediately after touching everything.  
Regardless I decided to make lemonade with some lemons that they brought home.  

These are 
magpie feathers, yes the same birds that like to rip apart my garbage  so I definitely needed to clean and sanitize them.
I did so with some tea tree oil I already have on hand for baths and Woolite gentle detergent.

I had a couple of picture frames that I had bought on sale from Chapters Indigo on sale for $11.  I had to trim the matting on them with an exacto knife so that the feathers would fit nicely inside the frame.

Since I had two frames I thought that it would look nicer if I could display them with some sort of symmetry so I found some gold lettering from Michael's for a quote in the other picture frame (later I found the exact same lettering at Dollarama for a lot cheaper). Michaels always has a coupon for in store discounts.  I receive their emails often so I rarely pay full price for their art supplies.
I love this quote since it can be around for a long time after my kids reach puberty.

You're not BORED, you're BORING

 These pictures do not do these feathers justice they have this glossy green iridescence to them that look so beautiful when they catch the sunlight.  

 The clock is Umbra from Winners/Homesense, antlers were from a pile of junk at my in laws and the TV stand is from Ikea similar one here. 

 Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Missha vs. SKII Essense

Missha Time Revolution Essence vs. SKII Essence
(this review is not sponsored by Missha or SK-II)

Okay, so I'm sure you have read all of the rave reviews about SK-II and their miracle essence.  I wasn't willing to spluge on it yet so I was introduced to Missha through a friend.   Missha is a Korean brand that makes cost effective alternatives to several poplar Asian skincare brands.  Missha's answer to the SK-II Pitera line is the Time Revolution line which I am reviewing today.

These are all of the goodies that I received with my Missha Canada Order.
The bottles are huge!

This is the SK-II kit that I bought with the gwp below.

                                       Time Revolution Essence       vs     SK-II Essence
                                             Set with Gifts                             Set with Gifts
                                                $173.99                                    $133.00
                                          - derived from fermented        -Pitera derived from
                                             yeast extract rich in              brewing Sake, full of 
                                             Vitamin B                            vitamins, amino acids and 
                                                                                          organic acids

For the comparison only though I used only the essences only before bed not in
 the morning as suggested.

 This is my skin using SK-II for two months


After 10 days of using the Missha Essence
                                                             -acne break outs (5+)
                                                             -redness around the nose
                                                             -ashiness around my jawline
                                                             -dark circles remained around my eyes                                                                                                      

 Not to be one to waste money on products I ended up using all of the Missha products exclusively all over my face for over a month after doing this dual test.  In my experience, the Missha essence made me break out even more and didn't help with any of my blotchy red areas or sallow dark areas.  This is not to say that the Missha products don't work for everyone, just not me.  They have a lot of other wonderful products that I will review soon! The friend who recommended Missha to me also has the most beautiful skin.  I now use the remaining products on the tops of my feet and the back of my hands because it's better than just regular lotion!

I now us the SK-II products all over my face.  My skin hasn't looked better.  I use the SK-II Clear Lotion (toner), SK-II Essence,  SK-II Facial Treatment Oil.
I recently left for Italy for 10 days and didn't bring any of my SK-II products with me.  My skin was wretched after my trip.
*Just found out that SKII is available through Nordstroms!!!!
I can definitely see that once I stop using the SK-II products my skin goes back to it's regular blotchiness after 2-3 days.  
All in all the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence really does work miracles on it's own but it can be enhanced with other SK-II products.
(my skin type is dry, dehydrated)

Monday, 9 May 2016

L'Oreal Telescopic VS Benefit They're Real Mascara Review

Telescopic $8 vs they're Real $32

 Benefit "They're Real" is on the left eye and L'Oreal Telescopic is on the right eye.  Both eyes have three coats of the mascara.

If you look closely the They're Real mascara is slightly thicker and slightly blacker/darker than the Telescopic mascara! It is hard to find mascaras and eyeliners that are a true black and not a dark brown.  When mascara is a true blue/back it will enhance the whites of the eyes and therefore making them appear larger.
Both mascaras separated nicely and lengthened.


      By the end of a 9+ hour day of wearing the mascara though the Benefit beat out the L'Oreal for wear.  The L'Oreal just left flakes and smudges by the end of 6 'ish hours whereas the Benefit stayed put.  So you decide if the Benefit is worth the $32 price tag, I think it is!                                                         

Monday, 25 April 2016

YSL Baby Doll Mascara Review

YSL Baby Doll Mascara Review

So I have been on the search for a new mascara that could out do my long time favourite Eyeko Skinny brush mascara.     
The reason that I want replaced replace the Eyeko is that it's not available in Sephora Canada anymore.

This mascara has a similar hard brush much like the Eyeko mascara so I was hoping that it could reach my outer lashes without having to work the brush into the corners, this was not the case.  The mascara needed about 3-4 layers too to even coat the lashes and even then it wasn't thick enough for me.  (By mascara layers, I mean that I do one eye while the other one dries and then go back back on top.)

This mascara also did not pass the racoon eyes test past 4 hours.  It left a smudges around my lower lashes where I never apply mascara after around 3 hours of wear.

All in all FAIL


Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Dark Turquoise Dresser DIY

Here is my little chest of drawers redo!

The spray paint I used is one that I really like by Rust-Oleum, it is a satin finish called Lagoon.  I like the outdoor kind because I find that it coats better.  I only sprayed one coat and had enough left over for another project coming soon.

With a house full of hard flooring I definitely need something to soften the blow on my knees so I wear Crocs around the house which the girls like to hide from me!

Now my big girl has a place to hide all of her tchotchkes.

This little dresser is one of many pieces that I purchased from London Drugs years ago in my Chinoiserie phase (which was a total fail).  I'm still repainting pieces from that phase.

Handles are brass from the Habitat for Humanity Restore ($2 each).  Luckily I live close to one so I like to donate and poke around. Euro pillows are from Anthropologie and bedding is from Home Sense.
When working with bamboo it likes to splinter a lot! The original handles were just stapled in so they were easy to remove.  Any splintering when I removed the original handles were covered very well by the thicker paint.   I got so many slivers just taking the drawers out.  So before I drilled holes for the drawer pulls I taped over the dry paint with painters tape to prevent any further splintering of the bamboo.  Taping also helped to mark the drill holes without having to leave permanent marks on the wood if I messed up.
Let me know if you have any questions!

Thank-you for reading!