Thursday, 1 December 2016

Two Simple but Different Advent Calendars

These 24 day calendars I made for my daughter and neices can easily be changed to a 12 day calendar!
You know, if you haven't started doing anything this year (like me).

I made this simple advent calendar from junk and scraps I had around the house.  
The frame is just a long ribbon holding horizontal bamboo sticks.
I sprayed the bamboo with gold spray paint a couple of days before putting this together.

As the girls remove the days the space gets filled with holiday cards!

Next year I think that I'll add rose gold shower ring clips that I saw at Home Sense to hold each gift.

 A simple paper doily and some washi tape for the numbers

Each day is filled with random knick knacks such as books for the girls to share, lip balm, stickers, hair accessories holiday chocolates, candy canes, socks and pretty much basic things that they need throughout the year.

For my nieces I made this advent calendar.

Everything except the doily pouch (dollar store) and the 3 lower sacks (Michael's) are from the wrapping from my Anthropologie bedsheets!  

I only had to sew strips of fabric horizontally and sew dividers to make each pouch so that I would have enough days.  The numbering is just a red sharpie and a basic stencil.  I worked on this past midnight the night I did it for my nieces birthday gift ( her birthday is late November).  

This can also be simply done with extra wide ribbon from Michael's that I found today as the backing and wide ribbon sewn and divided across.

The fabric numbered tags are held on by little gold clothespins also from Michaels

Show me your pics if you try to make these!

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Christmas List
I'll be first to admit that I'm very picky when it comes to Christmas gifts.  People that say they're easy are FOS.  I return or regift most of what isn't on my list.  Other people like surprises, if you're going to surprise me it should be with the gourmet "Bernard Callebeaut" instead of the run of the mill Ferrero Rocher tower that was on my Christmas list.

This year the majority of my list will be from one place since it's easy
I picked Simons because ;
1) It's Canadian 
2) Their products are well made
3) It's affordable

                     Chunky Knit Hat

    Love this hat because it is a                                       This hat is just cute and it comes in many                                                                                                  merino wool blend.  $45.00                               colours to match my many jackets.  $45.00

My girls love doughnuts and these socks                                                          Ingenious and Cute 
                      are so cute! $18.00                                                                        40% off at $19.99

I wouldn't be complaining about doubles!                                          Sheep skin cushion x 2!
                   $9.00                                                                                                   $30.00

Local gifts

So Pretty Brave Necklace                  Provisions Rolling Pin                          Duchess Macarons
            $148.00                                                $18.50                                                $18.00

Last but not least!

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Pretty Alphabet Chart


So I have been searching and searching for cute alphabet letters to string up for my younger daughter but couldn't seem to find anything cute and pastel to match her bedroom.  In my searching I came across a lot of cute banners everywhere but they were very expensive.  So I decided to make some ABC's my self for her room with the banners in mind.
Easy peasy!

The card stock is from Home Sense that I found for $4.99 for a stack of 100.  This made it easy to just cut triangles out of the bottom so that I can achieve the pointed bottom for the banner shape and I just punched two holes at the top to string my gold ribbon through.


The pictures for the corresponding letter sound are taken from different things such as greeting cards,  my personal sticker collection (wow I love this kid) and I had to draw some the pictures.  The markers I used are from a 100 piece Crayola set that I purchased from Target.

This project actually took about 5 hours spanned between two days actually because drawing perfect letters is hard!

Since completing this project I decided to do one as a gift for my niece as well.  I was a little more ambitious with her letters though.  I can't even tell you how much time I spent drawing these pictures because I did it between watching all of Homeland on Netflix and starting House of Cards.
To make this I tied rope around pushpins that I nailed into the wooded border of this cork board.  Then I just paper clipped the letters in order.


The card stock and giant gold push pins are from Home Sense.  I chose the binder clips because the cards could be removed without making a mark (they are from Walmart but you can find them anywhere).  Nylon rope is from my moms stash of sewing supplies.  I found these gold letters for over $7 at Michaels but recently just saw them at Dollarama.  The frame is a cork bulletin board that I just spray painted.

My inspiration for the pictures came from the artist Sullivan Anlyan whom I found on

Thanks for reading!

Monday, 17 October 2016

Florence, Venice and Rome Italy!

Hello y'all.
It's been a while... my apologies.
In May I went with my super awesome girl friend to Italy for the first time and lately I have been aching to go back already.  It honestly seems like 10 years ago, maybe because I'm a stay at home mom and my life is so repetitive and mundane from taking care of kids all day err day.

Here are some pics from my little 10 day adventure.

That is Ponte Vecchio bridge behind us where we bought a lot of wares and wears in our last hours in Florence.  A city that I wish I would have spent more time in.

One gorgeous door after another.

Rialto bridge before the morning opening chaos.

Cute Alice in Wonderland shoe collection.

Baked goods.

Smart girl brought her fall coat!

So the important question is does every man in Florence look like Marc Jacobs?


Seriously, all men dress good in Italy.

Florentines in Florence!


Best eating buddy!

Swiss gaurds at the Vatican.
Fun fact, did you know that Italy has a royal family but they live in exile (the house of Savoy)!

Because who needs France pffft...jk, seriously, JK!

Wedding attire.  More on the wedding later if I can ever retrieve photos from friends.

Oh hi David!  Pssst, you and my husband are butt twins!

Boboli Palace Gardens.

Roasted chestnuts.     

Tonnarelli e Pepe with truffles,  I DIE.

Basilica Parrocchiale Santa Maria del Popolo where the balling wedding was!

Colosseum in Rome