Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Parallel Lines

So when I want something, I want it done right and I get completely OCD about it and today it's about the perfect crayon eyeliner.
 What I need in a eye liner;
1) It is actually BLACK against my skin, most are grey or bluish.
2) Does NOT smudge all day (12+ hours) no exceptions.
3) It is goes on smooth and doesn't tug at my skin
4) This is petty and not so important but that I don't have to sharpen it.

So I went and picked up a Sephora Lash Stash kit (no longer available).
This kit contains the following eye liners;                            Other liners that I also tried are 
1) Nars Larger Than Life Liner in Via Veneto                     -Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes
2)Marc Jacobs blacquer 42                                                  
3)Urban Decay 24/7
4)KatVonD liquid liner
5) Sephora brand 
I'll only compare the top two pencil liners since all of the other pencils smudged after a couple of hours so I threw them away.   I'll compare the Kat Von D liquid liner to my favourite Geisha Ink liquid liner another day.

So here are the top two liners and how they fared;

2) Marc Jacobs black twist up eyeliner application in the morning around 9am.
The liner is applied above my lash line and into my water line.  It has also been smudged and winged out with a liner brush.


And here is the eyeliner at the end of the day around 11pm.  The liner has migrated to my my lower lash line and smudged below too.  There is a dark grey halo around my lower lash line.

 And the winner is ...
1) Nars!  These are the pictures of the application at 9am.  I again lined my upper lashes and water line and blended with a eyeliner brush.

 And here are my pictures around midnight.  I had even rubbed my eyes around noon because I had forgotten that I put eye make up on and the Nars liner had not smudge or smeared at all.
This stuff is amazing people!

I have actually been using the Nars liner for a while now and was only looking for a cheaper alternative to no avail, thus just wasting my money.  For those of you who are wondering what other eye make up is used here in both scenarios:  Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer, Benefit They're Real mascara and Dior 5 colour eyeshadow in Tutu, and the closest brush I can find to my Lola (no longer available) is this Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine one. I wash it all off at the end of the day with Philosophy Purity made simple cleanser.

Thanks for reading everyone!

Monday, 15 December 2014


Here is a little tidbit of the gifts I'm giving this year...

For my daughters and my niece I ordered these interchangeable mermaid/ballerina dolls through my friend Jenny Ma aka "Glam Ma".  I had two of the dolls customized with yellow skin for my girls.  They are quite large measuring about 18" tall ($65).

For my sister in law who loves to read cook books and cook, Julia Childs "Mastering the 
Art of French Cooking Volume I & II ($12.34 each volume with free membership discount).  Of course my gifts need to be related as often as possible, so I had to get her daughter the matching children's book Julia, Child ($14.43 with free membership discount).  All from Chapters Indigo.

Socks should always be gifted in pairs since it's no fun looking for matching socks.  These merino wool knee high (left $12) and thigh high cotton socks ($12.99) are from Simons.  I just learned that merino wool is naturally anti-bacterial.  Sooo warm since I already bought some for myself.

Last but not least these are my go to gifts for everyone.   For boys or girls from Chapters Indigo I always get several copies of Rosie Revere Engineer and Iggy Peck Architect ($13.68 each with free membership).  It is always hard to find  interesting career related books for girls.  I also wasn't kidding when I said that I am gifting everyone Beaver Canoe slim sweatpants ($25.00)  and Curry Chips from Target ($4).  
happy gifting!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Stockings for my family

We have never had family stockings for the holidays at our house yet so I decided to make some with a twin sized fleece fitted sheet.  I actually thought of this last year and went out and bought the sheets from Target.  So really this took a full year of procrastination.

I have some time saving shortcuts since I had to make 4 of them.

1)So I folded a the fitted sheet 2 times so that when I traced and cut the pattern I would have to only cut once for each stocking.  Any thicker and it would be difficult to cut.  It doesn't really matter at this step which way the sheets are folded.  I used a horizontal pattern so that cutting and tracing was pretty easy.  It doesn't really matter if the pattern is laid out perfectly or not since stockings are hung at an angle.

2) Cutting the fabric
I used card board to make the pattern only because that's what my aunt the tailor uses.  It measures 22" tall, stocking width is 7.5" wide at the 'calve' and 12" wide at the foot.  Lay and trace the pattern four times on the fabric.  I got 6 stockings out of my twin fitted sheet.
Tip:You can place 3 of the patterns on the fold of the fabric so that the top doesn't have to be sewn together.
3)Sewing the stockings
For the fabric that wasn't cut on the corner sew the top of the stocking together like the picture below.

4) Face good side of 2 pieces of fabric together and start sewing about 1cm around the stocking starting at the heel leaving a 4" wide opening so that later you can turn the stocking good side out.

5)On the opposite side of the opening gap, cut notches out of the toes and heel where there is a curve so that when it's turned inside out the fabric lies flat.  On the other half of the stocking trim the excess fabric as close to the thread as possible without cutting through.  This will be the inside of the stocking.

6) Then proceed reach through the 4" gap that wasn't sewn and pull the stocking good side out.  Ironing the fabric if necessary. and sewing up the gap.
7)  With some excess fabric fold over a 2" wide x 30" long piece of fabric and sew the raw edges into the seam to make the string to tie the stocking
8)Fold over the stocking over if you like and sew the string ties onto the inner seam of the stocking with a zig zag stitch.
9)And then cut the string to the desired length and put em up!  To decorate them I was thinking that I could pin ornaments, baby socks or lonely mittens to them in the future with the little gold pins you get from everything or just leave them as is.
Let me know how yours turn out!

French Styled House

So back in October of 2013 my husband had an amazing job offer in Lloydminster and we were going to move there permanently.  Problem though was that the city was and is booming and we couldn't find a place to rent let alone a house to buy.  We looked and looked but couldn't find what we wanted in a forever home and then we came across a builder there that was building on a lot across the street from a state of the art school being built at the same time.  The school was the answer to all my worries about what was lacking for my girls education in Lloydminster, it has an observatory!  What school has an observatory!?!  We got a floor plan that we loved and our super awesome builder let us finish the house the way I wanted to even though it was a spec house.  What was even better was that my husband felt guilty for moving us all to a different city and so he let me have total design control and I stayed UNDER budget thank you very much (neither of which will likely happen again).
My biggest difficulty designing this house was that it had to appeal to the Lloydminster market just in case I would have to sell it (which now I have to do).  So I asked my friends on Facebook wether or not I should finish the kitchen with a French bistro or modern theme and French bistro won by a landslide!
Here are my pics from our Monday drive to see the house for the first time after completion.

 My girls want to live in this house forever for the chandelier alone.   Strangest thing, the glass didn't come with the cabinets, they were purchased later.

 Moen Vestige series faucet in chrome was my cost effective alternative to a bridged faucet.

Prettiest 'earrings' for the kitchen I found at Home Depot.

 These are the the tiles that I have been swooning over for months and found in Home Depot for 1/4 the cost of any tile place in Edmonton.  I had to drive around the city with two toddlers collecting batches of it, fun times.

A double shower so to recap the days events.   This faucet was for claw foot tub that I never got, but I settled this panel design (faucet from Home Hardware).

 Marble hexagon mosaic tiles for the shower floor that my builder didn't understand until completion.

 For those of you who remember my Beauty Junkie boutique days, I am keeping those Venetian mirrors for my girls.  (Ikea, no longer available).

Lastly this is the man cave washroom.  Modern and similar to our current house.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Sitting here questioning myself...

Hello Beauty Junkies!
Here is my life in a nutshell.
2005 I dropped out of University to start a cosmetic store with my boyfriend and a partner.
2006-I married my best friend.
2009-Moved homes and I gave birth to my first girl.
2010-It took my second pregnancy to realize that I missed out on most of my 1st child's formative years so I made the extremely hard decision to shut down my boutique in order to participate in my own life.
-sold my acreage and I moved onto my in laws farm while we designed and built a house in Edmonton for two years!
2011-I had my second girl who had colic for three months straight!
2013-Oct 30 My husband moved to Lloydminster for a job offer
         Nov 1, I moved into the dream house that I built with my husband with the help of my 3     brothers.
      -We start building a house in Lloydminster
2014-Oct 30 we get the keys to our new house in Lloydminster
         Nov 1, My husband moves home permanently now after a year of living in Lloyd

And right now I'm sitting here nervously typing this as my family is sleeping.  My husband doesn't want me to start this blog as he is extremely protective of me and haters but I choose to be positive as I can't live my life in fear.

This blog will just be about random stuff since like everything, life is pretty random and I want to go through it naive and happy.
I'm passionate about food, fashion and decorating.  I'm dutiful about keeping my girls happy and working out so that I can eat junk food.  This picture describes it all. For my birthday we surprised the girls with a trip to Disneyland and I'm standing in front of the "Cozy Cone Motel" with chili and chicken 'cone' quesa.
Important stuff:
    Clothes; Lace top is from H&M circa 2013, nude bra is from Mahina in Hawaii, and cargo shorts are Sanctuary from Anthropologie summer 2014.
   Cosmetics; Era Spray on Foundation in Y5, They're Real mascara from Benefit cosmetics, Nars Via Veneto Long wear eyeliner.