Sitting here questioning myself...

Hello Beauty Junkies!
Here is my life in a nutshell.
2005 I dropped out of University to start a cosmetic store with my boyfriend and a partner.
2006-I married my best friend.
2009-Moved homes and I gave birth to my first girl.
2010-It took my second pregnancy to realize that I missed out on most of my 1st child's formative years so I made the extremely hard decision to shut down my boutique in order to participate in my own life.
-sold my acreage and I moved onto my in laws farm while we designed and built a house in Edmonton for two years!
2011-I had my second girl who had colic for three months straight!
2013-Oct 30 My husband moved to Lloydminster for a job offer
         Nov 1, I moved into the dream house that I built with my husband with the help of my 3     brothers.
      -We start building a house in Lloydminster
2014-Oct 30 we get the keys to our new house in Lloydminster
         Nov 1, My husband moves home permanently now after a year of living in Lloyd

And right now I'm sitting here nervously typing this as my family is sleeping.  My husband doesn't want me to start this blog as he is extremely protective of me and haters but I choose to be positive as I can't live my life in fear.

This blog will just be about random stuff since like everything, life is pretty random and I want to go through it naive and happy.
I'm passionate about food, fashion and decorating.  I'm dutiful about keeping my girls happy and working out so that I can eat junk food.  This picture describes it all. For my birthday we surprised the girls with a trip to Disneyland and I'm standing in front of the "Cozy Cone Motel" with chili and chicken 'cone' quesa.
Important stuff:
    Clothes; Lace top is from H&M circa 2013, nude bra is from Mahina in Hawaii, and cargo shorts are Sanctuary from Anthropologie summer 2014.
   Cosmetics; Era Spray on Foundation in Y5, They're Real mascara from Benefit cosmetics, Nars Via Veneto Long wear eyeliner.