Chinese New Years and Valentines

Lucky for everyone red is the ideal colour for Chinese New Years and Valentines!

The girls outfits for our pre New Years dinner was these pink ensembles.   It is tradition in our family to end the year together with the family with a dinner and this year we had two pre dinners one was a week prior and then the second was planned for Valentines day.
 We then start the year with the family as well on or after Chinese New Years. 


Grandma gave them the cutest vintage looking cards in the mail.

The things they do to Yoda makes this shirt so fitting!

Counting candies after school here.

"Mulani, we got Mulani dresses!"
They are so excited to wear them to our second pre New Years dinner.

 Happy Valentines Day Everyone!  

Rose gold and pink quartz locket and rose gold bracelet So Pretty by Cara Cotter.  Booties with bow Kate Spade (no longer available).