Coveting My Daughters Life

The life that I covet the most is my children's because they have everything that I could have only dreamed of.  Their closets are full of dresses and clothes that I would die for and a life that I could only fantasize about.

In 1980 my parents were one of many Chinese (Hoa) boat people escaping repression in Vietnam after the Vietnam war.  They came to Canada via Hong Kong with nothing but their what they could carry which included a half starved infant son.  Soon after landing on the west coast they ended up in Edmonton's former military base which is now the Griesbach community.  I grew up in a tough family that had little and shared a room with my brothers up until adolescence. 
So now in my adulthood I live vicariously through my children and I try to give them all of the experiences that I was never afforded.



My husband thinks that I'm crazy for getting this queen size wrought iron canopy bed for my daughter but he's the one that carried it down to the first floor of West Edmonton Mall on a broken down escalator to his truck by himself.  In my defence we didn't know that it was a queen size bed until we put our newly purchased double mattress on it, haha but not really.  I got all of this furniture on sale honey!

Does anyone recognize the table and mirror from my Beauty Junkie?

Bed and purple bedding Anthropologie, Paris ticket pillow, enamelled tray and tri fold mirror, Winners/Homesense, dresses and boots Zara, black jacket w bows, Joe Fresh, chest of drawers and side table, Ikea.