Early Easter

So this year we have to make a trip to Olds and Calgary to visit relatives and as a result our family Easter got bumped up to Friday.  
I'm always on the hunt for cute practical things on sale to fill my niece and daughters Easter baskets up but somehow every year it gets way out of hand and I spend a small fortune on "sale" items.   My husband always says "small holes sink big ships".  True in this case again!

So I saw this bed on Anthropologie for $179.95 and had an idea for the girls Easter gifts....

My father in law is newly retired so I gave him a little project.  He made 3 of these beds with a friend from our old 2nd hand kitchen table.

I sewed 3 coverlets, pillows and mattresses from fabric that I snagged from my mom. So this project essentially cost me nothing!  Ballerina/Mermaid is from "Glama" that I got the girls for Christmas.

Saved this hollow bunny from last year to fill with and travel sized shower puff from Dollarama.

Got this elastic ribbon from Fabricland for $1.50/metre and so I was able to cut up 5 hair ties per meter.  Waaay cheaper than buying them elsewhere pre made.  Green matches everything and purple ruffled gingham needs no explanation.

Re-using these Hello Kitty baskets that I got on sale after Easter years ago from Shoppers Drug Mart.
Broke up a Crayola 100 pack fine tipped markers and bundled up the pastel colours to split between the girls.  On sale as well from Target.

Lego boards I got on sale from Chapters 20% off.  I love that the classic board works for both Duplo and regular small Lego.

So finally when I thought my baskets were done, my friend Andria introduces me to Jilly's boutique today and they had these washable renewable snack bags that are going to be awesome for school and trips. So they got added to everyones Easter baskets ($10 for a 3 pack).  So now they're done!

My girls Easter goodies

My Nieces goodies (Crayola sidewalk chalk instead of markers 50cents).

Easter crafting with the girls and their cousin.

 Thanks for reading!