So, I love matching my girls but I think that I might have over done it this time.  My mother is a classic hoarder which is awesome for me because I like to go shopping at her house when she makes dinner.  I recently picked up the navy polka dot and pastel chrysanthemum fabric that has been sitting around her sewing boxes forever.

Originally I was just planning on making simple pillow case dresses that I saw on Pinterest so that the 3 of us girls could match.  I failed to foresee that polka dot matching dresses are total
over kill!  We will NOT be wearing these dresses all at once as to not cause seizures in public!
Sorry, there is no tutorial since I totally winged this dress pattern with an a line dress from the girls closets.   I made a lot of mistakes on my own dress so I highly suggest buying a pattern to do this which I will be doing for the pastel floral fabric.

                                        My Dress Front                                                       My Dress Back

I sewed all of these in one day so after I was done two dresses by 9pm , I didn't even want to make a dress for my youngest daughter because I was so frustrated with the mistakes that I was making on my own dress.  Just before bedtime though she looks at me with her giant doe like eyes and says "mommy where is my dress?"  and who feels like an asshole?
So I whipped one up with a large front pocket for the junk that she likes to collect. 

And if I wasn't tired and sore enough from sewing all day, I even made a dress for #1's doll, the other doll will get something when I cut the pastel fabric.

After sewing all that stuff the day before so that we can all MATCH blue and white polka dots, what do I find in my my closet?!?

This and this!!!

 Oh well!

Important info:
Ribbon for the dresses, Crate and Barrel Christmas gift wrap ribbon haha (free).  Yellow and rose hued purse, 3.1 Phillip Lim medium Pashli, Red Sparkly Stilettos old, Jimmy Choo similar, Red Tassled Flats old.  Doll, GlamMa (Jenny Ma).  "C'est La Vie" print, Chapters.  Long navy polka dot maxi dress old, Joe Fresh.  Baby blue cross body old, Tory Burch.  Blush rose espadrilles old, Gucci.  Pencil cut navy polka dot dress with red ribbon old, Anthropologie.