Dark Turquoise Dresser DIY

Here is my little chest of drawers redo!

The spray paint I used is one that I really like by Rust-Oleum, it is a satin finish called Lagoon.  I like the outdoor kind because I find that it coats better.  I only sprayed one coat and had enough left over for another project coming soon.

With a house full of hard flooring I definitely need something to soften the blow on my knees so I wear Crocs around the house which the girls like to hide from me!

Now my big girl has a place to hide all of her tchotchkes.

This little dresser is one of many pieces that I purchased from London Drugs years ago in my Chinoiserie phase (which was a total fail).  I'm still repainting pieces from that phase.

Handles are brass from the Habitat for Humanity Restore ($2 each).  Luckily I live close to one so I like to donate and poke around. Euro pillows are from Anthropologie and bedding is from Home Sense.
When working with bamboo it likes to splinter a lot! The original handles were just stapled in so they were easy to remove.  Any splintering when I removed the original handles were covered very well by the thicker paint.   I got so many slivers just taking the drawers out.  So before I drilled holes for the drawer pulls I taped over the dry paint with painters tape to prevent any further splintering of the bamboo.  Taping also helped to mark the drill holes without having to leave permanent marks on the wood if I messed up.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Thank-you for reading!