YSL Baby Doll Mascara Review

YSL Baby Doll Mascara Review

So I have been on the search for a new mascara that could out do my long time favourite Eyeko Skinny brush mascara.     
The reason that I want replaced replace the Eyeko is that it's not available in Sephora Canada anymore.

This mascara has a similar hard brush much like the Eyeko mascara so I was hoping that it could reach my outer lashes without having to work the brush into the corners, this was not the case.  The mascara needed about 3-4 layers too to even coat the lashes and even then it wasn't thick enough for me.  (By mascara layers, I mean that I do one eye while the other one dries and then go back back on top.)

This mascara also did not pass the racoon eyes test past 4 hours.  It left a smudges around my lower lashes where I never apply mascara after around 3 hours of wear.

All in all FAIL