Missha vs. SKII Essense

Missha Time Revolution Essence vs. SKII Essence
(this review is not sponsored by Missha or SK-II)

Okay, so I'm sure you have read all of the rave reviews about SK-II and their miracle essence.  I wasn't willing to spluge on it yet so I was introduced to Missha through a friend.   Missha is a Korean brand that makes cost effective alternatives to several poplar Asian skincare brands.  Missha's answer to the SK-II Pitera line is the Time Revolution line which I am reviewing today.

These are all of the goodies that I received with my Missha Canada Order.
The bottles are huge!

This is the SK-II kit that I bought with the gwp below.

                                       Time Revolution Essence       vs     SK-II Essence
                                             Set with Gifts                             Set with Gifts
                                                $173.99                                    $133.00
                                          - derived from fermented        -Pitera derived from
                                             yeast extract rich in              brewing Sake, full of 
                                             Vitamin B                            vitamins, amino acids and 
                                                                                          organic acids

For the comparison only though I used only the essences only before bed not in
 the morning as suggested.

 This is my skin using SK-II for two months


After 10 days of using the Missha Essence
                                                             -acne break outs (5+)
                                                             -redness around the nose
                                                             -ashiness around my jawline
                                                             -dark circles remained around my eyes                                                                                                      

 Not to be one to waste money on products I ended up using all of the Missha products exclusively all over my face for over a month after doing this dual test.  In my experience, the Missha essence made me break out even more and didn't help with any of my blotchy red areas or sallow dark areas.  This is not to say that the Missha products don't work for everyone, just not me.  They have a lot of other wonderful products that I will review soon! The friend who recommended Missha to me also has the most beautiful skin.  I now use the remaining products on the tops of my feet and the back of my hands because it's better than just regular lotion!

I now us the SK-II products all over my face.  My skin hasn't looked better.  I use the SK-II Clear Lotion (toner), SK-II Essence,  SK-II Facial Treatment Oil.
I recently left for Italy for 10 days and didn't bring any of my SK-II products with me.  My skin was wretched after my trip.
*Just found out that SKII is available through Nordstroms!!!!
I can definitely see that once I stop using the SK-II products my skin goes back to it's regular blotchiness after 2-3 days.  
All in all the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence really does work miracles on it's own but it can be enhanced with other SK-II products.
(my skin type is dry, dehydrated)