Feathers & Children DIY

Hi Y'all!
So my kids love picking up feathers EVERYWHERE despite me telling them that they are gross and full of germs.  Don't get me wrong, feathers are nice and all but my children like to rub their eyes and put their fingers in their mouths immediately after touching everything.  
Regardless I decided to make lemonade with some lemons that they brought home.  

These are 
magpie feathers, yes the same birds that like to rip apart my garbage  so I definitely needed to clean and sanitize them.
I did so with some tea tree oil I already have on hand for baths and Woolite gentle detergent.

I had a couple of picture frames that I had bought on sale from Chapters Indigo on sale for $11.  I had to trim the matting on them with an exacto knife so that the feathers would fit nicely inside the frame.

Since I had two frames I thought that it would look nicer if I could display them with some sort of symmetry so I found some gold lettering from Michael's for a quote in the other picture frame (later I found the exact same lettering at Dollarama for a lot cheaper). Michaels always has a coupon for in store discounts.  I receive their emails often so I rarely pay full price for their art supplies.
I love this quote since it can be around for a long time after my kids reach puberty.

You're not BORED, you're BORING

 These pictures do not do these feathers justice they have this glossy green iridescence to them that look so beautiful when they catch the sunlight.  

 The clock is Umbra from Winners/Homesense, antlers were from a pile of junk at my in laws and the TV stand is from Ikea similar one here.

 Thanks for reading!