Florence, Venice and Rome Italy!

Hello y'all.
It's been a while... my apologies.
In May I went with my super awesome girl friend to Italy for the first time and lately I have been aching to go back already.  It honestly seems like 10 years ago, maybe because I'm a stay at home mom and my life is so repetitive and mundane from taking care of kids all day err day.

Here are some pics from my little 10 day adventure.

That is Ponte Vecchio bridge behind us where we bought a lot of wares and wears in our last hours in Florence.  A city that I wish I would have spent more time in.

One gorgeous door after another.

Rialto bridge before the morning opening chaos.

Cute Alice in Wonderland shoe collection.

Baked goods.

Smart girl brought her fall coat!

So the important question is does every man in Florence look like Marc Jacobs?


Seriously, all men dress good in Italy.

Florentines in Florence!


Best eating buddy!

Swiss gaurds at the Vatican.
Fun fact, did you know that Italy has a royal family but they live in exile (the house of Savoy)!

Because who needs France pffft...jk, seriously, JK!

Wedding attire.  More on the wedding later if I can ever retrieve photos from friends.

Oh hi David!  Pssst, you and my husband are butt twins!

Boboli Palace Gardens.

Roasted chestnuts.     

Tonnarelli e Pepe with truffles,  I DIE.

Basilica Parrocchiale Santa Maria del Popolo where the balling wedding was!

Colosseum in Rome