Christmas List
I'll be first to admit that I'm very picky when it comes to Christmas gifts.  People that say they're easy are FOS.  I return or regift most of what isn't on my list.  Other people like surprises, if you're going to surprise me it should be with the gourmet "Bernard Callebeaut" instead of the run of the mill Ferrero Rocher tower that was on my Christmas list.

This year the majority of my list will be from one place since it's easy
I picked Simons because ;
1) It's Canadian 
2) Their products are well made
3) It's affordable

                     Chunky Knit Hat

    Love this hat because it is a                                       This hat is just cute and it comes in many                                                                                                  merino wool blend.  $45.00                               colours to match my many jackets.  $45.00

My girls love doughnuts and these socks                                                          Ingenious and Cute 
                      are so cute! $18.00                                                                        40% off at $19.99

I wouldn't be complaining about doubles!                                          Sheep skin cushion x 2!
                   $9.00                                                                                                   $30.00

Local gifts

So Pretty Brave Necklace                  Provisions Rolling Pin                          Duchess Macarons
            $148.00                                                $18.50                                                $18.00

Last but not least!