Two Simple but Different Advent Calendars

These 24 day calendars I made for my daughter and neices can easily be changed to a 12 day calendar!
You know, if you haven't started doing anything this year (like me).

I made this simple advent calendar from junk and scraps I had around the house.  
The frame is just a long ribbon holding horizontal bamboo sticks.
I sprayed the bamboo with gold spray paint a couple of days before putting this together.

As the girls remove the days the space gets filled with holiday cards!

Next year I think that I'll add rose gold shower ring clips that I saw at Home Sense to hold each gift.

 A simple paper doily and some washi tape for the numbers

Each day is filled with random knick knacks such as books for the girls to share, lip balm, stickers, hair accessories holiday chocolates, candy canes, socks and pretty much basic things that they need throughout the year.

For my nieces I made this advent calendar.

Everything except the doily pouch (dollar store) and the 3 lower sacks (Michael's) are from the wrapping from my Anthropologie bedsheets!  

I only had to sew strips of fabric horizontally and sew dividers to make each pouch so that I would have enough days.  The numbering is just a red sharpie and a basic stencil.  I worked on this past midnight the night I did it for my nieces birthday gift ( her birthday is late November).  

This can also be simply done with extra wide ribbon from Michael's that I found today as the backing and wide ribbon sewn and divided across.

The fabric numbered tags are held on by little gold clothespins also from Michaels

Show me your pics if you try to make these!

Happy Holidays!