My Chanel Experience

I'm a purse junkie first and foremost.

 I was a purse junkie even before I became a beauty junkie. I used to buy and buy and buy bags until I realized that I had too much quantity and no quality.

I dream about bags.  
I fantasize about carrying purses, how to wear them, what outfits I can wear around them.

Purse fantasies;
When my boyfriend proposed to me instead of putting an engagement ring on my finger (which I never wear anyways) he puts a XXXXXX bag on my wrist which I will lovingly carry for eternity.
Christmas fantasy:
Husband as been out of town all day Christmas Eve because he's at the Chanel store.  Christmas morning there is a XXXXXX bag sitting under the tree. 
10 year wedding anniversary fantasy:
Husband is out of town all week and comes home with a  XXXXXX shopping bag.

Well every year, every occassion or every time that fantasy never came true I was so disheartened and disappointed so I decided that I am no BASIC BITCH and I was going to make my own fantasy come true.
I can't even make this up, this was my fortune cookie a week prior to my purchase!
This is my holy grail bag experience...

I initiated this process by emailing and calling the Holt Renfrew Chanel Calgary store for pricing and asking what they have in stock since I don't live near a Chanel store.  I swear my fingers shook every time just calling there!
From there the Holts connected me to a Chanel sales associate who texted me back and forth with pictures of what they had in stock.  

I was in love immediately after I saw my Boy 😍 so I asked for my special bag to be put on hold.  It is only one of three available in Canada.

I called back the next day to double confirm that the bag was put on hold and to extend the hold since I wasn't able to make it to Calgary for a whole two weeks.  To my horror the Chanel associate said that there was no such bag in the hold section 😱😰😭

The associate that I was originally in touch with wasn't working for the next two days...

Well finally I got a hold of her while on her day off and the bag indeed was on hold away from any vultures.  
Originally I was just going to have the bag shipped to me but my BEST HUSBAND IN THE WHOLE WORLD offered to take me to C-town that weekend just to get my bag!  
Thankfully this eased any more stress as I couldn't extend the hold of my bag past three days. 

Here is a black quilted lambskin what do you think?

This is Allison graciously grabbing anything that I want to look at.
Totally loving the colours of these filigree ones.  They were lined inside with the  classic burgundy lining and they have back pocket like the classics.

Picked the bag I wanted and Allison is here wrapping it for me!

Happiest wife EVER!  Totally surreal!

My precioussssss at home where it stayed for over a week before I finally opened it (don't worry it's out of the box "breathing" upright now).

Ahhhmazing experience!

Oh btw my first ever Chanel purchase was a pair of clog like sandals from my job at Neiman Marcus and my 2nd Chanel "purchase" was my daughter 😉

Thanks for reading!