Dream Catching DIY

Hi Pretty Makers!
My youngest daughter has been having "bad dreams" for about two months now.  My husband is at his wits end since she wakes him up at least once in the middle of the night.  
Her bad dreams are most likely attibuted to our stellar parenting skills by letting her watch movies that she isn't mature enough to comprehend yet 😬  Weird right?!?
So to remedy this I decided to craft some dream catchers with the girls so that these bad dreams could just go away.  If it doesn't work at least they're pretty to look at!

Supplies from Dollarama;
Purple and lace ribbons, long glow sticks.
Supplies from Michael's;
Gray doilies (in the cheapie bins near cash for $1.50), feathers and craft tape.

1)So here we connected the glow sticks to make a circle since Michael's didn't have anything round that  I could use for the same purpose.  
When we connected them we just proceeded to use craft tape in our grey pastel theme to cover up as much of the glow stick as possible.

The concept of the dream catcher is that it's made to look like a spider web.  The bad dreams get caught in the web.

2) Below we layed the doiley on top of the loop and cut 3" long ribbon to attach the "petals" of the doiley onto the hoop that we just taped.  This looks better if the hoop is larger than the doiley.

3) Then we looped long ribbon in different lengths through the bottom of the hoops and attached a ribbon to hang the dream catcher from.  
4) Lastly I hot glue gunned the feathers on to every other ribbon at the bottom.  

The feathers hanging from the web are for good dreams to float down to the fluffy feathers and back into the sleepers dreams.

Some dream catchers have beads crochet into the web to represent dreams that are caught.  It was late and I was too tired to remember to glue them on.  

Here is Coco's dream catcher hanging off her canopy.

And here is Vera's dream catcher hanging off her canopy.

My kids are 7 and 5 so total time to do this craft with my help was about 45mins.  The total cost for both dream catchers was about $15.  

Here are a few similar looking kits that I found on Amazon.  Cheaper than driving around and buying everything like me who is OCD and knows how to waste time!


Thanks for coming here my friends!