My Skincare Regime

Hi y'all!

This is a write up of my morning and evening cleansing routine.


For the past year I have been jumping between different skincare lines looking for that miracle cream that can make me look supple until I came to the epiphany that I have already been using it for the previous 10 years and I don't really have dull wrinkly skin like my "twin" brother who is 12 years younger than me!

Here are all of the products that I use in the morning in order of the steps they are used in.

Sk-II treatment cleanser-Sk-II Essence-Sunday Riley Good Genes-B.Kamins Eye Cream- B.Kamins Maple Day Cream SPF15

Here is my night time routine in order of the steps that I use them.

Dior Gentle Cleansing Oil-Dior Toner-Sk-II Essence-Sk-II Facial Treatment Oil- B.Kamins Eye Cream- B.Kamins Maple Night Cream

Here are all of the Dior items I use.
I stumbled upon this Dior toner at my local Marshall's store so I decided to try that to compliment my Dior cleanser.  They both smell so good!

Here are all of the Sk-II items that I use.  I only use masks about once a month when I have a free night. I have also put my Sk-II Essence into a spray bottle years ago so that it is faster to use and I waste less, now it is available in a spray bottle.

Here is all of my B.Kamins items that I have been using for over 10 years!
Brace yourselves because I'm posting pictures of my skin sans make up below!  Nothing here has been photo shopped.   Please excuse the one pimple above my brow.  Other than that I would say that my skin is pretty good after using B.Kamins for so long!

Here are the Sunday Riley products that I just started using in February.
My skin has noticeably broken out a lot less and my pores definitely look smaller which I was hoping for!

Below are some make up pictures for reference.