Innovation and Trust
At Japonesque, we've never let trends define us. While styles may change, our quest for quality, trust, and innovation doesn't.

For more than 20 years, we've let this principle guide our decisions. That's why every Japonesque make-up accessory is crafted to be a timeless blend of professional quality, refined aesthetics, continual innovation, and long-lasting value.

By adhering to this steadfast vision, we've become a trusted partner for today's most discerning professionals and consumers. Professional make-up artists, including Academy Award-winners, trust us with their reputation. The world's finest salons, spas, and stores trust us to deliver uncompromising quality. And sophisticated consumers trust us to provide easy-to-use accessories that yield professional results.

It's this combination of quality and innovation that have enabled to us to grow into one of the industry's most trusted names. Today, we offer more than 200 top-quality accessories for the professional and consumer. All backed by our continuing focus on long-lasting quality, trust, and innovation.

At Japonesque, we don't follow trends, we define them.

 EYELINER BRUSH – FLAT Synthetic Professional Quality Portable Brush Conveniently
$10.00 CAD