Whenever I go home I have a secret pleasure I indulge in.
 Alone, being myself once again, I can relax and unwrap a delicious bon-bon.
 I treasure memories of childhood, Receiving brightly coloured candy from my grandmother.
 Going to my secret place, I’d carefully remove the pretty wrappers and paste them in my scrapbook.
 I kept the shiny candy in a special jar by the window.
 How I loved the sunlight on those vivid, spangled colours. I still do to this day.
 Where would I be without my secret pleasures? My sweeties.
 PAUL & JOE has put together a selection of shades for spring that conjure memories of the sweet, colourful confections of youth.
 Colours that excite you. Colours that comfort you.
 Colours that make you feel joyful.



$28.00 CAD